Vishal Kale

Founder & CEO | Pune, India
UI/UX for Juno Works

Juno Works is a Pune based picture production establishment. On an individual level, Vishal Kale have been photographer and filmmaker. He have spent a massive duration of time playing around with visuals in the past, and we realised that it was time we took it up as serious team occupation. Thus, Juno Works was conceived.

What We Offered
UX, UI, Wireframe, Web Design

The Challenge
The task in front of us was to do a photography website design that looks modern, has an upscale feel and yet adheres to the clients requirement. The information architecture had to be designed to let users know the portfolio and the work done by the client

The Solution

User Interface
We introduced a clean, clear, visual design putting the focus on the elements and content that matters. We coupled destaurated life-style imagery with iconography thereby drwaing user focus on the important elements while making the aesthetics, look and feel a clean, minimal and modern one.

What they say about us

Their team was amazing. They were always checking up on what more needed to be done.

What has helped Juno Works: The number of clients and the amount of visibility have increased markedly since PeopleSoftwares was first engaged. The expert team inspired confidence throughout the project by communicating clearly from the start. Their professionalism made them a valuable partner.

Website Design

Mobile Design